Why you should Never Stop Wearing Printed Leggings

You should Never Stop Wearing Stylish Printed Leggings! Printed Leggings fashion will never go out of style. They are in fact very popular since the 1970’s. Some people think that we should stop wearing them because they are a fashion tragedy. They are wrong! Here are some reasons why you should never stop wearing printed leggings: … Continue reading “Why you should Never Stop Wearing Printed Leggings”

What to Avoid in Ruining your Tights

Make your Tights Last Longer! Your pair of tights are now for variety of uses. You can wear them to the gym, to the mall, to the grocery store or anywhere. You would want them to last longer, of course, especially if you invested in quality leggings. Here are things that you need to avoid … Continue reading “What to Avoid in Ruining your Tights”

5 Minute Workout for Looking Great in Leggings

Tone your Butt and Thighs in this 5 Minute Workout! In this busy world, sometimes we don’t have time to hit the gym and workout becomes a burden. Well, you can never say “No, I don’t have time” with this 5 Minute workout from Women’s Health Magazine to help you look great in your leggings. … Continue reading “5 Minute Workout for Looking Great in Leggings”

Gym Clothes Essentials for Women: Basic Workout Clothes

Gym Clothes must haves for Women of Whatever Sizes! When you decide to have a gym routine, investing in a few pieces of quality gear can make a big difference. You must have Gym Clothes that does not only make you look good but also makes you feel good. Plus size or zero size, you … Continue reading “Gym Clothes Essentials for Women: Basic Workout Clothes”

Tips on how to Wear Leggings without Looking Ridiculous

Leggings Fashion are now viral! Women of all sizes, everywhere all over the world loves to wear them. Sadly, some people don’t know how to properly wear them. If done the right way, you can get away with wearing leggings all the time. Here are tips on how to wear leggings properly: Make sure it’s … Continue reading “Tips on how to Wear Leggings without Looking Ridiculous”

Punk Rave Leggings That Make you Wanna Rock!

Combination of Punk and Rave for Tights, you get Punk Rave Leggings that Totally Rocks! Rave and Punk fashion are total opposites. If you combine them when designing tights, put together Punk Rave Leggings that rocks! Bianca, the owner and a tattoo artist of The Ink Lab B. Inks from Austria, design their tights featuring their business. … Continue reading “Punk Rave Leggings That Make you Wanna Rock!”

For wanderlusters, dreamers and life lovers!

An interview with Girl X Departure At 23, Laura Studen is a certified global citizen! Along with her Polish-Serbian roots, her travels have taken her from her hometown Berlin to countries such as Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Greece, England and the US to name a few. Since 2014, Laura has been documenting her travels on her … Continue reading “For wanderlusters, dreamers and life lovers!”

Confessions of a Fashion Blogger!

An Interview with Valentina Meet Val, the Italy based fashion blogger behind Fashion and Cookies. Whilst she has her office job, for the last 5 years Val has been running her blog filled with tips, reviews and posts about beauty and fashion in both English and Italian! Her style is vibrant, fun and unrestrained which is only one of the reasons why … Continue reading “Confessions of a Fashion Blogger!”

Leggings, fashion, travel and writing!

An interview with Vienda Maria Vienda is a writer, mentor and leggings fanatic who teaches women how to choose freedom, in life and work. Her message has been shared by thousands across the globe across her own blog and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Tiny Buddha, Natural Health Magazine, Beautiful You Coach Magazine and Roooar Magazine. … Continue reading “Leggings, fashion, travel and writing!”