Wholesale Custom Leggings – Frequently Asked Questions

Wholesale Custom Leggings  – FAQ Have you been wanting to create wholesale custom leggings as part of your business offering and searching for a place to do it? Well you can stop searching. You have come to the right place. We live and breath leggings. We offer wholesale leggings that are digitally printed onto polyester fabric … Continue reading “Wholesale Custom Leggings – Frequently Asked Questions”

Tips on Buying Wholesale Leggings Online

Wholesale Leggings – Dos and Don’ts What to look for when searching an online supplier of Wholesale Leggings? What are the characteristics of a good supplier? These are some of the questions you might be asking yourself if you are looking for suppliers online. We aim to specialise in helping small labels, yoga studios and businesses in … Continue reading “Tips on Buying Wholesale Leggings Online”

Where to find Plus Size Leggings Wholesale?

Plus Size Leggings Wholesale If your are looking for plus size leggings wholesale to sell in your own clothing business, your search will end with Pins to Kill! We are pleased to inform you we are now offering Wholesale Leggings. We are offering sizing from XXS-4XL. Pins to Kill is an online platform where you can Design … Continue reading “Where to find Plus Size Leggings Wholesale?”

Insider Tips on How I Started My Own Leggings Brand!

Tips on How to Start Your Own Leggings Brand Linda here. The owner of Pins to Kill. I’m going to give you some inside tips today on How to Start Your Own Leggings Brand. During the start it definitely wasn’t an easy path. In 2014, I failed to get funding from Shark Tank for my vision to sell … Continue reading “Insider Tips on How I Started My Own Leggings Brand!”

How to wear Red Leggings? – Tips on Wearing Red Leggings

Red Leggings Fashion Ideas Have you bought something you really liked and then ended up not knowing how to use or wear the garment? Like red leggings? They look fabulous and stunning as the color red is so attractive to the eyes. Red leggings can be a little intimidating, but I think that once you start … Continue reading “How to wear Red Leggings? – Tips on Wearing Red Leggings”

Difference between Footless Tights vs Leggings

Footless Tights vs Leggings We have featured on our past blogs the difference of tights, leggings, and Stockings. Some people will still be confused between footless tights vs leggings. What is really the difference? People use the terms interchangeably. They are different women apparel. We laid out their differences. Tights are usually footed, which means … Continue reading “Difference between Footless Tights vs Leggings”

Tribal Leggings are the Best Leggings for Everyday Wear!

Tribal Leggings Fashion Tribal leggings are designs that originate from ancient times and have a deep meaning. They are very expressive, rich, passionate, and ferocious designs. Leggings are comfortable, they’re easy to style, they’re flexible, and then I also just have to reiterate how incredibly comfortable they are. Why wear restricting jeans when you could wear … Continue reading “Tribal Leggings are the Best Leggings for Everyday Wear!”

FAQs for Designing Your Own Leggings in Australia

Designing Your Own Leggings-Frequently Asked Questions People get intrigued once they see our leggings designs. They get more interested when they learn they can design on their own. We come up with these Frequently Asked Questions in designing your own leggings in Australia. Will the colours be exactly the same as the images I use? … Continue reading “FAQs for Designing Your Own Leggings in Australia”

Tips on Designing Custom Leggings – Advice on Designing

Advice on Designing your own Custom Leggings We are excited about making your custom leggings. Designing is easy in just one click but there are a few things you should be aware of when finalising your custom design. – The 3D platform is a representation of the positioning of your design but it may vary … Continue reading “Tips on Designing Custom Leggings – Advice on Designing”

Find your fit for Patterned Leggings – Australian Sizing

Patterned Leggings Sizing When buying patterned leggings online or any other type of apparel, buyers should always consult a sizing chart because sizing can often vary among brands. Designers typically offer size charts to customers, allowing them to check the chart against their own personal measurements. To check their measurements, buyers should measure their hips … Continue reading “Find your fit for Patterned Leggings – Australian Sizing”