Punk Rave Leggings That Make you Wanna Rock!

Combination of Punk and Rave for Tights, you get Punk Rave Leggings that Totally Rocks! Rave and Punk fashion are total opposites. If you combine them when designing tights, put together Punk Rave Leggings that rocks! Bianca, the owner and a tattoo artist of The Ink Lab B. Inks from Austria, design their tights featuring their business. … Continue reading “Punk Rave Leggings That Make you Wanna Rock!”

Leggings, fashion, travel and writing!

An interview with Vienda Maria Vienda is a writer, mentor and leggings fanatic who teaches women how to choose freedom, in life and work. Her message has been shared by thousands across the globe across her own blog and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Tiny Buddha, Natural Health Magazine, Beautiful You Coach Magazine and Roooar Magazine. … Continue reading “Leggings, fashion, travel and writing!”

How to see the world on a budget!

Travel with your partner and everything in between! Recently, we had the pleasure to have an interview with Illia and Nastia from Crazzzy Travels. They have already been to 42 countries on 5 continents and are not planning on stopping. They believe that $11 a day is enough to see the world! Read on to … Continue reading “How to see the world on a budget!”

A thing or two about pole dancing.

An interview with Lindsay Lithe We conducted an interview with Lindsay Lithe, one of our P2K ambassadors, who is a pole dancer and an inspiration to girls and women worldwide. Read on to discover the pleasures and challenges of pole dancing, how to push on during difficult times and learn a life lesson or two from … Continue reading “A thing or two about pole dancing.”