Anna McNulty – Pins to Kill Leggings Ambassador

Pins to Kill Leggings Pins to Kill Leggings launched just over a year ago and we are now for the first time offering our wholesale range. Pins to Kill is a label that allows you to Design your own Leggings online or choose from our range of funky prints as well. P2K takes pride in collaborating … Continue reading “Anna McNulty – Pins to Kill Leggings Ambassador”

Advise on Customising Leggings – Design Your Own Leggings

Customising Leggings Customising leggings is made easy here at Pins to Kill. We are excited about making your leggings but there are a few things you should be aware of when finalising your custom design. – The 3D platform is a representation of the positioning of your design but it may vary slightly during production. – … Continue reading “Advise on Customising Leggings – Design Your Own Leggings”

More sizing options in Leggings!

Plus-sized Leggings Rocks Plus-sized leggings is the new generation of clothing that empowers women who are considered full figured. Society has set stereotypes and body shamming those who are not size 1. There is too much pressure on women in loosing weight instead of embracing the body they have. As the new saying goes, “Curves … Continue reading “More sizing options in Leggings!”

Pretty Big Movement: Women Empowerment and Plus-size Leggings

Pretty Big Movement, Destroying Stereotypes, Dancing and Plus-size Leggings Plus-size leggings is now commodity for the full figured woman and Pretty Big Movement, full figured dance company knows how to rock wearing them. We wanted to feature this amazing dance company and how they inspire women in all sizes and how size doesn’t matter in dancing. … Continue reading “Pretty Big Movement: Women Empowerment and Plus-size Leggings”

Style Tips on How to Wear Printed Leggings

20 Style tips for Wearing Printed Leggings Sometimes we often get confused on how to wear printed leggings. Black and plain coloured leggings are classics but colourful leggings are the thing of the future. More and more women around the globe are admiring the vibrant colourful printed leggings. Get your pens and notebooks and take … Continue reading “Style Tips on How to Wear Printed Leggings”

Leggings on the Move – Pins to Kill Client Videos

Leggings on the Move We have some videos that features some of our clients wearing our leggings. Here are some videos: Clarissa and she showed us her 80s moves whilst wearing our latest leggings range from Pins to Kill. This is Day 2 of a 90 day Yoga challenge with Youtuber- Fightmaster Yoga. I have … Continue reading “Leggings on the Move – Pins to Kill Client Videos”

Wholesale Leggings – Design Leggings and Create Your Brand

Wholesale Leggings Have you been wanting to create wholesale leggings as part of your business offering and searching for a place to do it? Well you can stop searching. You have come to the right place. Do you want to offer custom leggings in your gym, sports group or yoga studio but don’t know where … Continue reading “Wholesale Leggings – Design Leggings and Create Your Brand”

How to feel comfortable when Wearing Leggings

Need some tips on Wearing Leggings Wearing leggings are now a trend. They reveal each detail of your waist, stomach, hips and legs once you slip into them. We often hear quite a lot from women who don’t feel comfortable in wearing leggings as they are a quite tight fit. Here are some tips on alternative … Continue reading “How to feel comfortable when Wearing Leggings”

Custom Leggings Print Inspiration – Design your own Leggings!

Custom Leggings Print Ideas When we try to introduce the idea of custom leggings print or design your own leggings, we always get responses like, “That’s a great idea! I love to design my own leggings but I don’t know what to design?” This is pretty common when we are given the freedom to express … Continue reading “Custom Leggings Print Inspiration – Design your own Leggings!”

Advantages of Wholesale Women’s Leggings Shopping

Wholesale Women’s Leggings Shopping We recently improved our Wholesale women’s leggings terms and conditions. We found out that there are several factors that will help a retailer or someone who is interested to start a clothing business selling their own design clothing. Here are some advantages for you in Wholesale women’s leggings shopping: Lower costs. … Continue reading “Advantages of Wholesale Women’s Leggings Shopping”