DIY Leggings – How To Make Old Leggings Into A Crop Top

DIY Leggings

DIY Leggings to a Crop Top

DIY leggings are great way to recycle your old clothes. Leggings are amazing and the most comfortable piece of clothing. In time, if it gets old, most of us will just keep them in our closet. We wanted to share how you can convert your old leggings to a chic crop top.

DIY printing has been pretty popular on the internet. Saving money is not the only reason why people DIY. Although saving money does play a factor, our recent survey of DIYers shows that only 39% of DIYers are DIYing specifically to save money. People are being driven to do DIY projects because they feel like they can handle the task and just because the enjoy the work.

recent Google study revealed that 47% of home improvement projects were done because people take pleasure in doing DIY projects.

We found this video tutorial from Kayla Thomas youtube channel.

We hoped you enjoyed and like the DIY video. We know this will come in handy when the time comes.