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Designer Leggings

Urban Camouflage Designs- New Label Designer Leggings

We want to share a new designer leggings brand that we, here at Pins to Kill, collaborated with Katy. All eyes here to Urban Camouflage Design.

Katy already has a career as a professional artist, but as a keen yogi, she couldn’t find any legging designs she liked.  So she decided to use her knowledge of textile design to design her own.

Designer Leggings
Iris leggings

Katy wanted to bring the colours and vibrancy of Africa where she brought up her family into her work and found the sportswear market to be somewhere she could do exactly that.  She decided to design leggings, firstly for herself and then for friends.

Designer Leggings
Ivy with Stripe

They proved popular and seemed to hit a note in our current times and need for wellbeing.  So with the help of Pins to Kill, initially to create one sample pair, then another, she started the label Urban Camouflage Designs.   Pins to Kill leggings were such good quality and the sales team were so easy to work with that the development process seemed to good to be true.

Designer Leggings
Forget Me Not

“As a professional artist, painting mainly botanicals and birds, I’ve always understood the huge impact that nature has on the wellbeing of body and soul.  By putting my paintings onto fabric they could be enjoyed by a far wider audience and Pins to Kill enabled me to do just that.  These designs refer back to 1900’s Art and Crafts designers such as William Morris and Voysey who saw no reason to limit their work to one medium, but instead enjoyed designing as architects, fabric designers and artists.”

Designer Leggings

These leggings are high quality, bright, breathable, flexible and sophisticated.   They also display designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

They bring a little slice of sunshine into your day. Comfort on any movement. Stylish hand painted designs of nature at it’s best that you’ll surely love.

Interested on getting a pair? You may checkout their website: www.urbancamouflage.design

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