Tips of Light Packing: Travel with Your Printed Leggings

Travel with Your Printed Leggings

Printed leggings or any kind of leggings for that matter is a perfect garment for travelling. It is the lightest and the most comfortable piece of clothing in the world.

When we think of travelling, we always think to pack light. Some travelers are successful, others can’t help but bring everything and end up not using them while they are travelling.

There are three good reasons to be a travel minimalist. It’s liberating (save on baggage fees, no more waiting at the baggage carousel), getting around is easier (no heaving a bag through the streets of a new city) and it’s better for the environment (we pay for the weight we carry in emissions, and travelling with less lets us walk or use public transport).
We gathered up some light-packing tips, and of course with your favorite printed leggings:

  1. Choose a bag instead of luggage. The problem with luggage is that they trick us into taking more than we can carry, then justify their existence. When you have to pick up your bag, there’s a built-in incentive to pack light.
  2. Don’t pack at the last minute. There’s a reason most people don’t pack light for every trip: it takes effort and a bit of thought.  Packing at the last minute will not give you time and energy to decide on which item to bring and which are useful on your trip. Try to pack at least a few days before your departure date.
  3. Go less on Toiletries. Take at least some toiletries, in those small plastic bottles available from the “travel” section in major supermarkets, to avoid using hotel products, for environmental reasons.
  4. Bring light clothing. Bring your 2-3 leggings, light-weight, wrinkle-free separates that can go dressy or sporty make the most of each inch of package space.
  5. Layer. This approach gives you more outfits and the flexibility to adjust for weather changes. One long-sleeve button-down shirt, two camisoles, two tank taps and a cardigan can be combined in multiple ways. This also goes handy for the cold weather.
  6. Shop light. Shopping while travelling is trickier and can soon undo all your weight-saving work, so keep souvenirs small (magnets, say, instead of snowdomes) or budget for shipping things home. Photos make the best, and least cumbersome, mementos. 
  7. Use apps to the Max. A variety of smart phone apps have taken the place of weighty travel paraphernalia. You can use them to everything from taking and editing photos to navigating your way around foreign cities.
  8. Go for multi-functionality. Give priority to items that serve more than one purpose: sandals that can double as walking shoes, a Turkish towel that can be used as a blanket, a Buff that’s a super-lightweight beanie, scarf and bandanna all in one. 
  9. Wash, rinse, and repeat. 
  10. Take less. Doing without a few comforts for a few days or weeks, maybe wearing the same clothes day after day for as long as it will not smell.

Packing light is a journey, not a destination. The next time you travel, see what you can leave behind. You might be surprised how little you really need. Don’t forget to go for leggings!

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