World Wide Search- #findjohannaquaas

Do  you know this lady? #findjohannaquass

So we think this lady is pretty amazing and we are on a world wide search to find her! Watch this video and tell us what you think.

At the time of filming Johanna was 88 years old. She is now 92 years old and she is the World Oldest living gymnast!!

What a truly amazing lady! We think she resembles everything we want in a P2K ambassador and we want to find her.

What we know!
– She is pretty awesome.
– She lives in Germany.
– Oldest living gymnast.

We need your help-
– Every bit of information is helpful.
– Do you know anyone related to her.
– Do you have a friend who is German that you can pass this onto.
– Please share and the word will spread.

We want to find Johanna! She doesn’t seem to have FB or have an Instagram account. We won’t rest until we find her!

If you have any information please contact us via