What Do Guys Really Think When You Wear Leggings?

Wear leggings

Guys Thoughts When You Wear Leggings

Before leggings were worn to warm legs during the cold season under skirts or shorts. But for the past few years, it has become fashionably acceptable to wear leggings as pants.

As leggings are mostly popular with women and girls, we gathered some thoughts from men on what they think when girls wear leggings.

“I wonder how they can wear them without freezing! And I’m curious as to how it even became popular.”

“Those don’t even look like pants. Are those pants?”

“If they’ve got the body to rock it, then nice.”

“I don’t mind them, but not everyday. I like to see girls in dresses, skirts, jumpers, etc, too. I’m pretty fashion forward so a girl who switches up her style will catch my eye versus leggings everyday.”

“Maybe they’re going to the gym?”

“Over-used as pants.”

I personally think it’s hot. I think it would be exceptionally rare to find a straight guy who would be mad about cute girls wearing super-tight clothing.”

This is a bar conversation I’ve had with guys before and opinions seem to be split. In my opinion, it’s basically the same thing as a pair of tight fitting jeans, which more or less nobody has a problem with. Like anything else, it’s a look that varies from person to person, but I think it’s fine for winter. Although Olivia Wilde could wear pants made of made of Snickers wrappers and it would probably be flattering.”

“Usually you don’t notice unless it looks really bad or really good. It seems like it’s become a norm now but I don’t really get it. Don’t you all realize you’re basically showing everyone exactly what shape you are which isn’t always flattering?”

Well, this does not conclude anything. Men also have different tastes and views about the stretchy pants. What do you think?