Insider Tips on How I Started My Own Leggings Brand!

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Tips on How to Start Your Own Leggings Brand

Linda here. The owner of Pins to Kill. I’m going to give you some inside tips today on How to Start Your Own Leggings Brand. During the start it definitely wasn’t an easy path. In 2014, I failed to get funding from Shark Tank for my vision to sell custom leggings. If you haven’t heard of the show, it’s basically entrepreneurs presenting their ideas to a panel of successful judges. This did not pull me down. It motivated me to start my own leggings brand, now Pins to Kill. Today, Pins to Kill is a global brand selling leggings across the world. We sell both our own range and to online customers, as well as help small labels manufacture their own labels.

Do you love leggings? Why not sell them? I wanted to help start up entrepreneurs out there and provide some tips on how to start your own leggings brand.

  1. Know what you want. When you know what you want, you’ll love what you do. I studied Advertising in RMIT and worked in the advertising industry for awhile. I found that it wasn’t quite for me and found myself flicking through magazines and cutting out images that I liked and thinking about doing something else with my days. So I founded Lydra Group. The Lydra Group originally started of as a handbag label and from there it evolved to creative services such as laser cutting and digital printing. If you love leggings, sell them. Set up a Shopify store, because it’s so cheap. You know about ten years ago, five years ago, it was so expensive to start your own online shop and you needed to have expertise in those areas. Today, you can basically set up an online store for nothing.
  2. Instill your personality to your brand. I researched the likes of Steve Jobs from Apple and Richard Branson from Virgin, Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. I noticed they all had one common trait that made them successful. They all instilled their characteristics into the brand. For example Steve is a creative, perfectionist for detail. Richard is crazy, fun and adventurous. What are your traits?
  3.  Create your website. When it comes to online presence, a website is the first place to start. This is the home for your content, it’s the one place where you 100% own the platform and you control the message and its delivery.  You can direct people here via your business cards, email signature, LinkedIn profile, and so on and people will have a quick and effective way of understanding who you are and what you stand for.
  4. Connect your website with different social channels. Choose 2-3 key platforms where you will focus your energy and activity. Advertise your product and your content to your social channels. And then it’s about coming up with something unique or niche, something that’s not mass and build a community around it. That’s the power of being online and social media so that if you have some special topic interest that appeals to you, guaranteed you’ll be able to find someone else out there interested in the same thing.
  5. Be genuine, accessible, and tell a story. Give reasons for people to engage with you so they want to get to know you. As the saying goes, “The more you know, the more you care” so don’t be so closed up.

This is my dream and made it to reality. Now, what’s yours?

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