Best and Worst Travel Outfits: Ultimate Guide for a Traveller

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Travel Outfits Guide

You need to be wise in packing for your travel outfits or you might end up bring the entire closet with you. It will cost you more for the excess baggage in the airport plus it’s also a hassle travelling from one place to another.

We gathered up the best and worst travel outfits to guide in your packing.


1. Jeans
Unless they have A LOT of stretch, they’re not going to cut it for comfort on those long flights, or for a hot day trekking around the city. Also, they are heavy and adds up more space in your trunk.

Fanny pack worst travel outfit
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2. Fanny packs
I know they’re back in “style”, but these are just as much of a pickpocket’s dream as a sling purse.
3. Shorts
It’s a bad idea even if you’re headed to the beach. Planes get cold, and so will you. Plus, planes are dirty. Save yourself, and your legs.

Jewellery worst travel outfits
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4. Jewelry
It’s a no, no loading on the chains, bangles, and belts for an easy trip through airport security and less chance of it getting snagged on a gnarly plane seat. Yes, jewels are sparkly and fashionable, but it’s best to pass on layers and layers of metal.
5. Tight clothing(other than compression socks)
Skin tight clothes with little give can restrict blood flow and cause for some discomfort. Nobody wants a side of deep vein thrombosis with their flight!
6. Light colors.
Save yourself and your Tide stick from any noticeable spills during your travels (and in case you lose your luggage) by wearing dark colors!


travel with leggings in style

1. Comfy pants or leggings.
They should be easy to move in, lightweight, breathable (cotton), wrinkle-free (think polyester!), and preferably moisture wicking.
2. Shoes that slip on and off quickly for a speedy TSA experience (sandals–pack socks, wellies, boots that come off easily, basic flats, etc.).
I’m personally anti-sneakers for flight travel, but for extensive walking around at an airport or post flight exploring, they are a good bet! Ditch the heels too. My personal recommendation is boots (winter or fall), that way you can save the space on packing them. Keep it comfy AND easy to whip off in security lines.

leggings as pants
3. A scarf or warm jacket.
Perfect for bundling on those flights where the AC is blasting. A scarf can also double as a neck pillow, eye cover, blanket, or leg warmer. Wrap, scrunch, bundle, and be comfortable!

Best travel outfit Rompers
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4. Rompers/jumpsuits.
I’ve been known to declare Romper Wednesday in the office, and these lil numbers are about as comfortable and chic as it gets for business travel.
5. Layers
Whether you’re headed to cold or hot weather, layers are a best bet. There’s nothing worse than dripping in sweat or shivering your way through a trip. Schlepping luggage can get you hot, and sitting for 9 hrs with the air blasting in the cabin will drive you nuts. It’s always good to dress in layers so you have some options.

chic hat best travel outfit
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6. A hat. This hair savior will tame your mangled mane from that in flight nap you just woke up from! Hat hair, don’t care!