Graphic Leggings is it Hay or Nay for Yoga?

graphic leggings

Real Reason for Wearing Graphic Leggings during Yoga

We approached a Yoga studio a few months back about our graphic leggings and design your own leggings service. We were excited that they liked our vibrant leggings but surprised they didn’t want to use them in their studio because it’s distracting during a yoga session. Some yoga enthusiast like graphic leggings because they can be used as pants after a yoga session.

graphic leggings

Let’s go back to what Yoga is all about. Is yoga an exercise to loose weight that needs concentration and breathing? Yoga is actually more than that. Yoga is a way of life.


According to, Yoga comes out of an oral tradition in which the teaching was transmitted directly from teacher to student. Giving guidance on how to gain mastery over the mind and emotions and advice on spiritual growth. It’s balance and control of mind-body-spirit. Is not really related to leggings right?

Best Leggings

Leggings and yoga pants are popular in yoga since it provides comfort in doing any kinds of yoga positions. As for the color, it really depends on you. If wanted to have plain leggings, or graphic leggings, it will not really affect your yoga. After all, it’s balance of mind-body-spirit. Any color of leggings will be a Hay for yoga or any exercise! It’s even good for you as it provides compression. It’s about preference and not distraction.

leggings as pants

Grab a pair! Enquire within.