Tips on Buying Leggings Online: Consider this Before Buying!

Leggings Online

Things to consider before Buying Leggings Online

Leggings has become a commodity of today’s women. Most women owns a pair or more in their closet. According to, more than 75 percent of shoppers over age 15 bought something online. According to statistics, most people consider buying leggings online because they are familiar items.

Leggings Online

Buying online has given customers control over what they pay, and from whom—but the product in question is an important factor in why they buy online or in person. As consumer psychologist Phillip Graves explains in The Chicago Tribune, consumers are likely to buy familiar, branded items with qualities they can reasonably predict online. Leggings are familiar to most women.

You can buy women’s leggings online at a variety of websites but you should take note certain things before buying them to avoid disappointments. Here are a few tips for buying the best fitting leggings online:

Consult a Sizing Chart

When buying leggings online or any other type of apparel, buyers should always consult a sizing chart because sizing can often vary among brands. Designers typically offer size charts to customers, allowing them to check the chart against their own personal measurements. To check their measurements, buyers should measure their hips and their waist with a tape measure. If the measurements show that a buyer is in between two sizes when comparing their own measurements to those in the chart, they should always try to purchase the larger size rather than the smaller size.

Consider Length

Ankle-Length Leggings

Ankle-length leggings cover a wearer’s entire legs, reaching all the way down to the ankles. This style of leggings is a popular design and can be worn as workout apparel, as a form of pants, or under dresses, skirts, and other articles of clothing.

Capri Leggings

Capri leggings reach to the mid-calf. These leggings are less formal than full-length leggings, but they function in the same way. Capri leggings are typically worn at the gym underneath athletic apparel, and pair well with long shirts.

Knee-Length Leggings

Knee-length leggings fall just below the knee. These leggings are ideal for various forms of exercise, including dance, gymnastics, and yoga.

Consider Body Type

When purchasing leggings, buyers should consider their body type. The length of the leggings can accentuate their legs to various degrees. While knee-length leggings flatter legs more effectively thanks to a wider calf, mid-calf leggings better suit a wearer with slim legs. Ankle-length leggings are a great choice for all body types and can give the legs an elongated appearance when they are worn with high-heeled shoes. Buyers should also consider the color of a pair of leggings in comparison to their body shape. Black and darker-colored leggings have a slimming effect on the wearer’s legs and flatter all body shapes. In addition, they also coordinate well with a wide array of outfit choices. On the other hand, lighter- or brighter-colored leggings and leggings with bold patterns tend to draw attention to the wearer’s legs. Because these leggings tend to emphasize the lower body, women looking to achieve more of a slimming look should try to steer away light colors, like white, as well as colorful prints, and should instead opt for a darker color.

Pay special attention to the rise

The rise is the area between crotch and waistband. It is especially important if you are curvaceous. If things are a bit snugger or a bit looser, that is a bummer, but if we love the pattern we may work with the item.  Too short? We can wear booties or knee high boots.  However, if we can’t pull them up, we typically won’t compromise. It’s as intolerable as a shoe that won’t fit.

When you measure the rise, this is the material between the crotch to the waistband where your belly is. This measurement is especially important if you are a curvy girl and it is super duper important for plus size leggings.  If you have curves you need to pay attention to the rise measurements.  If you don’t have curves, it is STILL an important measurement.

Some ladies carry weight on their hips, some on bum or bellies. If you carry your curves on your belly or bum, a 6” rise will not be high enough, no matter how much you love the pattern.  If you carry your weight on your hips and have a flat belly, then a lower rise may work fine.

Now, there you go. You have the guide ladies. For more leggings options, enquire within.