What’s the difference between Leggings and Meggings?


Meggings vs Leggings

How dynamic fashion can be? First there was murse (man’s purse)a nd now, there are meggings: leggings for men.

Well, why would you deprive men with all the comfort that leggings provide right? After all, men and women are equal. So, how is meggings different from leggings? How is this possible without sacrificing comfort and a pair of nuts?

Courtesy of PopTV

Women’s legging has a sewn in gusset. Men’s has a pocket for their junk so it is not flattened. You will find them tailored to suit the male anatomy better (e.g 2 seams either side of the groin area rather than 1) and have designs that guys would be happy to wear (i.e. not floral, frilly, lacy, bright colored etc).

So there, leggings are not just for women. It’s also for men.

For women’s leggings, enquire within.