Benefits of Wearing Compression Clothing During Workouts

compression clothing

Compression Clothing like Leggings is a Must Have During Workouts!

I don’t know if this is just me but I was really curious why most gym clothes are compression clothing. Most of them or if not all of them are really tight and fit. Not to mention, most people hit the gym for the main reason of losing the extra weight. Why not wear loose clothing?

So, I decided to do some research. I came across the benefits of compression clothing like “Leggings” during workouts from

More Sustained Power

In a 2003 study, a volleyball team of women was asked to wear compression shorts while doing a series of vertical jumps. These were more like squat jumps because they would get into a squat position each time they jumped. They jumped 10 times straight with a 3 second rest between jumps.

The compression clothing did not affect their power during the actual jump, but it did register more sustained power over the series of jumps. In other words, the girls kept their strength longer after more jumps.

The researchers believe this happens because the compression holds your muscles in place as you go through impact and power moves. With less body jiggle, your muscles are able to be recruited with more ease. I hope that made sense.

For you, it means that for bodyweight workouts, which mix in a lot of plyometric exercises, compression clothes can help you perform better.

Better Use Of Oxygen In The Muscles

Did you know that oxygen is an important element in burning calories?Oxygen is a fuel source for your muscles. The better and more efficient oxygen usage is, the longer you’ll be able to last.  This mainly applies to cardio workouts when your body will use oxygen as it’s main source of sustained energy.

Researchers looked at wearing compression running tights running at different speeds around a 200 meter track.

Just like above, the compression tights helped the muscles maintain more power and activity because the compression helped with more efficient muscle recruitment. So the right muscles where used better and that helped them better use oxygen and it’s energy potential.

For you, it’s a great idea to wear compression workout clothing when running. Try this and compare running with leggings and running with shorts. You will really feel the difference!

Better And Faster Recovery

Recover is really important when you’re training. The faster you recover, the more you can, in theory, workout and see results. Although I don’t recommend an increase in exercise frequency… it’s just nice to recover quickly and not be sore.

A few studies looked at wearing a compression sleeve after a series of bicep curls by both women and men. They found that just by wearing the compression sleeve after a workout helped to reduce muscle swelling (inflammation), helped to ease soreness, and regained maximal joint mobility faster.

In conclusion,

You could wear compression leggings and even a shirt after a workout to help with recovery. This is not practical for many people. However, wearing shape wear under your work clothes can help with soreness the next day.

Why not give it a try? It’s fashionable and its good for you too!

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