What to Avoid in Ruining your Tights

History of Leggings

Make your Tights Last Longer!

Your pair of tights are now for variety of uses. You can wear them to the gym, to the mall, to the grocery store or anywhere. You would want them to last longer, of course, especially if you invested in quality leggings.


Here are things that you need to avoid doing on your tights to make them last longer!

Avoid using Warm Water

When it comes to workout pants, which are typically made with elastane—a synthetic fiber that gives the stretchy, comfy feeling we all love—washing in warm water is  no, no! Elastane is extremely sensitive and can be damaged by high temps. Finding a detergent that allows you to wash your leggings in cooler water will maintain the fiber integrity and keep the elasticity of your leggings intact. Also, it will keep the colors vibrant and fresh longer.

Avoid using the Dryer

Elastane fiber again, does not match well with the heat of the dryer. It’s sensitivity to high temps can damage the stretch factor and result in yoga pants that no longer keep everything locked in place. For best care practices, let your leggings air dry naturally.

Avoid using Bleach

Garments with synthetic fibers like elastane, polyester and nylon (a.k.a the primary fibers in your fave leggings) are traditional chlorine bleach’s enemy. Care for your white or nude leggings like you would care for your teeth, says Mary Johnson, P&G Fabric Care fiber scientist. Use a cleaning product that acts like floss and gets down in between clothing fibers to remove dirt and soils. She suggests reaching for oxygenated bleach, which is safe for all colors and will breakdown body soils and odor on a fiber level while still maintaining the benefits of regular bleach.

Avoid wearing your Tights too often between Washes

That second wear of your tights may be damaging your leggings more than you know. “The longer you wear something, the more you sweat without even realizing it,” says Cella. Even normal, everyday wear can leave body soil on the garment, which can actually eat away at the fibers, explains Cella. Think twice before wearing a pair of leggings over and over before washing, assuming they’re still clean enough.

Avoid too much Friction

Friction is not a friend of your leggings. Avoid sitting for long hours wearing it! it also helps to avoid sitting on rough surfaces.
Jagged nails + tights = certain doom. If you need to, clip any hangnails and file before you even get dressed. Definitely follow the “scrunch up the legs from hip to toe” method of putting on tights, too. Also, some women who even insist on lotioning their legs before donning their tights, which certainly couldn’t hurt.

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