INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT: @jaleesavincent

1. Your Bio

My passion is surfing, I surf everyday. It gives me freedom, I can surf with my own style and approach. The feeling of gliding along the wave is just incredible and really clears my mind. I think it is the best lifestyle!

2. What dreams do you have for the future?

My dream is to become a professional surfer! I am going to do anything it takes to get there. I couldn't imagine a better job.

3. Do you have a favourite quote?

Believe you can and you're halfway there.

4. What is your fondest memory growing up?

My first wave my dad pushed me on when I was 6. I didn't stand up I just rode it all the way to beach on my belly, screaming. I was terrified but thrilled and wanted to try again and again.

5. What is the most adventurous thing you can say that you have done?

I can't think of my most adventurous thing I've done, but I love adventures. I love exploring new places, everything is just in the moment. My favourite adventures are finding waterfalls, rock pools and waves.

6. What have you failed at before and what did you learn from this.

In competition surfing you loose more than you win. It is quite heart breaking when all the hard work and commitment you put into surfing all doesn't come together in a heat. But I've learnt to learn from it and see where I went wrong and where I can improve. I believe I will always be learning

7. Who inspires you?

My favourite surfer is Stephanie Gilmore. Not only is she 6 x world champion but is one of the most humble and prestigious surfers. She is always smiling and I aspire to be like her as a surfer and a person. And I hope to inspire younger girl surfers and athletes.