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We are based in Melbourne, Australia and would love to hear from you!

Contact number:  +61 (0)417 449 002

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Throughout history, fashion forced women into lifetimes spent wearing uncomfortable clothing. Throughout the world societal norms also mandated that we live highly constrictive lifestyles as well.

Not any more, Baby. Not any more!

Thankfully, times have changed.

Comfort wins and our freedoms are expanding. Leggings are a widely acceptable clothing choice, especially for the active among us.

At P2K we sell activewear and we espouse contemporary views. We believe in fashion freedom. We think fashion can be comfortable and that our clothing choices should reflect our life choices.We think that we women of today should be able to customise our options to mirror our preferences and that our clothing and community can be great enablers in achieving our dreams. These are the fundamental P2K philosophies.

Welcome to the P2K Activewear Sisterhood

Here at P2K we don't just create and sell some of the best leggings on the planet, but we have also created a community of people with whom we can share dreams, inspiration, motivation and understanding, as well as our love for some fine looking comfy clothing.

Our aim is to use our expanding clothing range to link women together to express their ambitions and interests. We are collaborating with women from around the world who are ‘killing it’ in their field and pushing their daily boundaries. These women include hikers, runners, pro-surfers, actors, models and ballerinas, to mums, grandmums, yogis, students, weekend warriers, accountants, doctors, teachers, check-out chicks, pole and hip-hop dancers, and many more inspiring individuals who refuse to be limited by a label.

Based in Melbourne, Australia and serving a global customer base, Pins to Kill is a customised online activewear brand with a difference.What is that difference you ask?

You Can Custom Design Your Own Leggings!

What’s unique about us is that we provide you an easy to use platform where you can design your own leggings.That’s right, we help you connect with your inner Coco Chanel. We give you a place where you can give your Van Gogh urges a go, or honour your budding Banksy impulses and create your very own, very personal leggings designs.

Think of P2K leggings as your canvas for self-expression. You can upload your own design, photo or artwork to create your custom leggings.You can then wear your uniques creatiosn with all the pride and confidence in knowing that you are living and dressing on your own terms while you express your individuality, personality and taste.

In addition, customers can also order from our range of funky leggings, including bold prints and geometric patterns reflecting all the colours of the rainbow!

We sincerely hope that your Pins to Kill leggings and activewear can become that sisterhood hug that encourages you to reach further than you have before, achieve your dreams, and be everything you were meant to be and then some!

Go boldly, Sisters!